Wedding Barns

A barn is a symbol for hard work, care and shelter for living creatures and an enduring love of the land. Perhaps this is why so may people are choosing to celebrate the most precious day of their lives — their wedding day — in a barn.

Barn weddings are memorable because they exist in a structure characterized by simplicity, functionality and strength. This is a combination Americans are drawn to. Many couples choose a barn, with its character, beauty and durability as the starting point for a marriage that will embody these same fine qualities.

Barns for Special Events

Even if you build a barn that does not house a wedding, there are plenty of uses for a multiple-use venue structure with a high-ceiling and craft-built quality that is visually appealing and sturdy beyond measure.

Parties, community get-togethers and holiday events are all well accommodated by the features of such spacious buildings. So are music events, political rallies and a good old-fashioned neighborhood barbeque.

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Custom wedding barns by Carl Santos

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